Does the Bible teach us to hit our children?

In Germany, a book by the American pastor Tedd Tripp has been published with the beautiful title “Educating Children’s Hearts” in which the beating of children is given a Christian justification. The publishing house calls itself “Verein Fröhliche Kinder”.

The book can be ordered online for EUR 11.90. The cover features a father playing soccer with two children on the beach in the beautiful sunlight. On the Internet it is said that the author wants to encourage “Christian education, which for him goes much deeper than just imparting values ​​and drawing boundaries. A book that gives practical help from a biblical perspective”. And as a practical aid, the author finds that beating even small children (preferably without diapers!) is biblically required.

But unfortunately he is not the only one who thinks so, most Christians beat their children because God supposedly wants it that way.

It’s true, there are isolated verses in the Bible that see the rod as part of raising children. I love many Bible verses, find many wise and beautiful. But fortunately we have learned to read the Bible in historical context.

Many Christians say: “The Bible should be interpreted prayerfully”. With the INTERPRETATION of the Bible, all the trouble begins, that everyone takes texts from the Bible and misuses them for their own purposes and views.

You don’t need an interpreter to understand the Bible. God left us the texts so that we can read and understand them for ourselves.


I don’t need a theologian who builds an hour-long text around a Bible verse and preaches something to me. I just need Jesus and my love for him and his love for me.

Anyone who really knows Jesus knows that he would never hit children or treat them harshly with words…..The old testament is a legal history book, Jesus finished the law and a true follower of Jesus acts according to the new testament. Anyone who clings to the old has understood absolutely nothing.

Beating children is forbidden in our country (Germany), thank God, children have the right to a non-violent upbringing. Because we have now understood that children’s souls are destroyed when parents strike or use psychological violence. And that they also have to suffer the consequences as adults. A variety of mental illnesses have their roots in it.

A book or the opinion that hitting children has a Christian basis is repulsive to me. Christians in particular should clearly distance themselves from any form of violence against children. Jesus lovingly approached everyone. Inconceivable that he would have beaten up little children! Rather, he said:

“Let the children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such.” (Mt. 19:14)

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